Oil Stain Removal

Oil Stain Removal

Lordswoods is the leading company that specialises in stain and spillage removal. We have contracts with many of the large automotive companies including Mercedes, Bristol Street Motors, Ford and Audi. Removing these stains is particularly difficult and requires a great deal of expertise. No other company comes close to having our expertise and experience at removal oil, hydraulic brake fluid, diesel and petrol spillages.

           Oil Stain Clean Up done for Mercedes Benz

The above image shows an oil spillage clean up we carried out for Mercedes
of Solihull. The car had leaked oil on their clients driveway which was still
under warranty. Before they asked us to remove the stain, they had paid four
other driveway cleaning companies to remove it. All four companies failed to
remove the stain as is evident by the before image; we however were
completely successful. Mercedes now uses us to clean all oil stains that they
are liable for.

               Hydraulic Brake Fluid Clean Up for BRS

The image above shows a hydraulic brake fluid spillage clean up we carried
out for Birmingham Roofing Supplies. They were making a delivery of tiles to
one of their clients when the cable split and leaked all over the driveway. They
asked us remove the spillage and staining and clean the whole of the
customers driveway. They were extremely happy with the results that we